Enjoy stress-free shopping with over 2000 parking spaces

Dear visitors, we operate an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at Gallions Reach Shopping Park. Customers can spend up to 4 hours in the shopping park for free, allowing customers to use the car park freely and without restriction with our accessible spaces being available and used correctly.

At Gallions Reach, we offer over 2000 parking spaces to our customers, including a limited number of dedicated disabled and parent with child parking spaces located on specific bays.

To ensure this process is managed correctly during the initial transition and thereafter we have recruited UKPC who are a trusted and reliable supply partner. If you have any concerns or questions, please email or call 0207 4738160 to speak with a member of the management team.

Parking Perks 

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How does Parking Perks works?

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Q: What has changed in the car park policy at Gallions Reach?
A: Starting from April 2023 , parking at Gallions Reach will be free for up to 4 hours.  – There is no option to pay after this period.

Q: Why was this change necessary?
A: This change was necessary to ensure that parking spots are available for all shoppers and to discourage non-shoppers from using our car park.

Q: How much is the fee after the initial 4 hours of free parking?
A: Please refer to the signage in the car park for details – Customers cannot pay to stay more than 4 hours. Maximum stay is 4 hours.

Q: How do I pay for PCN – parking charge notice ticket?
A: Please follow the instructions on the ticket that is issued.

Q: What is the Parking Perks programme and how can I benefit from it?
A: Yes, visitors can join our parking perks programme and enjoy exclusive offers, discounts, promotions, and benefits when they park at Gallions Reach. Details about the programme can be found on our website (please click here)

Q: Will the new car park policy affect disabled visitors?
A: No, disabled visitors will still be able to park for free in designated disabled parking bays for up to 4 hours. However, they must display a valid disabled parking permit.

Q: Are there any other changes to the car park policy?
A: No, all other aspects of the car park policy remain the same.

Q: Can I park in the car park at night to use PureGym?
A: Yes, visitors are allowed to park in the car park at night to use PureGym. However, please note that parking charges will still apply after the initial 4 hours of free parking.