Summer Party Beauty Must-Haves

Summer is in session and we’re true believers that everything is a little more fun in the season of sunshine. So, whether you’re jetting off to party on the shores of Ibiza, you have a ticket to the hottest festival of the year or you’ve got your eyes set on being the queen of Carnival we’ve rounded up your must-have products to ensure you’re ready to paaaaaaaar-tay!

1. Eye Spy Summer

If you only have space for one palette on your travels this season (the struggle of cabin baggage only is real!) then feast your eyes upon this palette of electrifying and  vivid eye shadows by Revolution x Tammi. Bring a taste of carnival to your makeup look and get ready to tropic like it’s hot!

2. Get Down, Glow Up

Are you even wearing highlighter if it doesn’t shine bright like the summer sun? Whether you’re sunning yourself poolside or singing at the top of your lungs in a field with your BFF's, there’s always a place for highlighter in your makeup kit.

Two girls laying on a pink blanket at a festival

3. Shine Like a Diamond

The face gem hype is real every time summer rolls around! Amp up your look and shine, sparkle and slay with creative face gems and jewels.

4. In Summer I'm 99% Glitter

Calling all glitter kings and queens! Whether you want to add just a touch of shimmer or you’re dreaming of being a walking talking glitter ball then your wish shall be our command! Not only will you sparkle like you’ve never sparkled before with our body and hair glitter pots, but we’ve got biodegradable choices too!

5. Rainbow Hued Hair Do’s

For when bog standard blonde and brown simply won’t cut it in a sea of colourful do’s, a semi-permanent colour will let you unleash your inner unicorn – without the commitment. Simply spray in, transform in to the bubblegum pink princess or blue haired beauty that you are, and wash out when you done.

6. Be Sun Safe With Solait

When it comes to summer beauty, the only thing you should be laying on super-thick is your sunscreen!  I know, we sound like someone’s mother, but we only speak the truth! While you’re out from morning until well the next morning in some cases, protect your skin from the sun so the only thing you have to worry about the next day is where the next party is at!


SOLAIT  Sun Cream SPF50 200ml - £5.49

7. Feelin’ Fresh!

The washing situation at a festival can be ummm… interesting to say the least! Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, one thing never changes and that is the need for antibacterial wet wipes!  You’ll thank us during that midnight dash to the loos!


DETTOL  2 In 1 Anti-Bacterial Hand And Surface Wipes - £1.45