Cookie's Island NOW OPEN

It’s time to welcome you all back and open our doors! Play sessions are now pre-booking only.


Please visit our website for more information 




(1)Covid-19 Signs and Symptoms and temperature checks 

On arrival everyone entering the centre, staff or customers will have their temperatures taken. If you have a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above or have any other signs or symptoms of Covid-19 you will be refused entry and your whole party will be asked to leave and rebook for another day, leaving a minimum of 14 days. 

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

(2)Play Sessions: Pre-Booking is essential 

Play Sessions will need to be pre-booked in advance and payment will be taken over the phone via Credit or Debit card at the time of booking. You can book your session by calling the centre on 07825348088.Play sessions will now be in 2 hour slots which will allow time for entry, 90 minute play time including time to eat and drink and allowing time to prepare to go home, such as putting on shoes & coats, going to the toilet and leaving.

Only two families or groups are allowed in the Cookie’s Area at one time, one per section. Please inform reception if you have any children 3 and under at the time of booking. 

Time slots will be: 10am, 12noon,2pm and 4pm

(3)Track and Trace: 

Registration is now compulsory for all families and groups attending. We will use your details to help main tainour Track and Trace system, where we will keep a list of all families and groups who have attended for a minimum for 21 days. If a customer or team member is tested positive for COVID-19 on a day which you visited, your details will be passed on to the NHS service for them to contact you to enable you to self-isolate for the allocated time. 


We understand that customers used to bend our rules previously and sneak in their own food or drink and not wear socks. 

Due to the current situation, we now have a ZERO Tolerance Policy to our rules and behaviour. 

No food or drink from outside is allowed in the centre and will be removed if any is seen, with no warning given. Only food and drink purchased in the centre can be consumed. 

You will need to ensure that you are wearing socks at all times, if you do not have socks, you can buy some from reception and you will be asked to leave if you continue to refuse to wear socks. 

If any children or adults use violent, aggressive or abusive language or behaviour towards another child,adult or staff member, or if any of the new COVID-19 updates are ignored you will be asked to leave the centre immediately. 

(5)Hand Washing and Hand Sanitation: 

We will be encouraging everyone to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds on arrival, after using the toilet, before & after eating and before going home. Signs will be placed inside the toilets showing a step by step guide on how to wash your hands effectively. 

Hand sanitisers will be placed around the centre at high contact points such as reception, counter, near the dining area and at the entrance of the play equipment. To enter the play equipment, everyone must use hand sanitiser, this includes adults, children,and staff. 

(6)Perplex Screens:

Perplex Screens will be placed at high communication points such as the reception and counter area. If you need to discuss a query, booking or make a complaint, our team are always happy to help. We first encourage communication in the centre to a few minutes, ensuring two metre distance is maintained at all times, and encourage longer communication to be made either over the phone or via email. If a longer meeting needs to take place, a 15 minute meeting can be arranged at an agreed time. 

(7)Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Staff will wear PPE during close contact with customers and other staff. Staff will have disposable gloves and aprons and their own individual protective shields which they will wear for cleaning in the centre if close to the customers or inside the apparatus if children are still playing.

(8) Social Distancing & Group size: 

Play sessions will be running at a reduced capacity of 40% which will include adult and children attending. 

Each group attending need to respect government guidelines of maximum 2 households meeting up and social distancing rules of keeping 2 meters apart from other families and staff members. Adults will be restricted to one adult per group and will be actively encouraged tohelp children to socially distance in the play area. Please follow the one waysystem around the centre and play equipment for your own safety and the safetyof others. 

(9) CentreCleaning:

We will be encouraging all customersto clean their immediate area during their play session and extra bins will beprovided to help our team to keep to the two metre distance as much aspossible. Our team will give your area a deeper clean and a sweep the carpets,before the next play session starts. If you do need assistance during your p    laysession, our team are happy to help – please ask. 

High contact areas will be cleanedthroughout the session such as the toilets, tables, counter surfaces and doorhandles. The play equipment will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes before thenext play session and will have a deeper clean at the end of each day andbefore the first play session of the next day. 

Increased cleaning procedures willbe in place. Some areas of the centre may need to close briefly during yourvisit. 

Toy machines and Rides will be inoperation, please respect social distancing and ask a member of our team toclean before use. These will be cleaned before and after use. 


Adult customers and children aged 11and over will be required to wear a face covering before entering and keep iton until they leave, except when eating or drinking at your table, or whenentering/whilst in the play frame.

Children under the age of 11 andthose who have health, age, equality or disability reasons may be exempt fromwearing face coverings. – Please let the reception know if you are exempt atthe time of booking.