Supporting the AAA 2023 Easter Egg Appeal

At Gallions Reach, we believe in giving back to the community we proudly serve by supporting initiatives that make a difference to those in our community. Gallions supported the Ambition Aspire Achieve (AAA) 2023 Easter Egg Appeal by donating 100 eggs.

The AAA is a charity that supports children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK. Its annual appeal is just one of the many ways the AAA work to make a positive difference for the future of many young people. By donating to the appeal, here at Gallions, we were able to play a small and vital role in bringing joy to those involved with the AAA.

Striving to always commit to the Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility (ESG), Gallions involvement with the AAA Easter appeal ensures that we continue to understand our role within the community, the impact our business has and the success, awareness and social involvement  we can bring to the world around us.

As proud supporters of the AAA and by extension, the 2023 Easter Egg Appeal, we hope that our small contribution has made a difference.

How Can You Help?

With the Easter Egg Appeal now a chocolate-filled event of the past, you can visit the AAA's website to see what current appeals and events you can get involved with. 

Of course, Gallions Reach will be looking to participate with the charity on a regular basis.